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SFT Labs provides crypto/Web3 companies and protocols of tomorrow with the full spectrum of resources, funding, and support to launch disruptive Web3 digital assets powered by ERC-3525 Semi-Fungible Token Standard. 


ERC-3525 Semi-Fungible Token (SFT) is a general-purpose, asset-agnostic token standard that powers the state-of-the-art digital representation of ownership, value, rights, status and identity. 

It rewrites the generation and trading of digital assets, creating efficiencies and enhancing market integrity. With it, traditionally illiquid assets, such as bond, future equity, ABS, real estate, and renewable energy, can become divisible, represented on-chain, and traded freely in an open market.

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Combine the quantitative attributes of an ERC-20 token and descriptive features of an NFT to create like-kind but uniquely identifiable assets, like bonds, SAFTs, and token vesting certificates.

Digital Container

An SFT is a digital container allowing a user to easily store or send digital assets directly in and out of the token.


An SFT is an intelligence-embedded, autonomous agent capable of interacting with a complicated environment and execute a code when invoked by messages or transactions.


With self-generated SVG delivering real-time on-chain data feeds and support for images and attachments, an SFT can represent any asset with ties to values, no matter how complex they are.

Structured Finance-Ready

Structure any asset within an SFT, which provides the look-through and fund-in-fund transparency favored by regulators who desire to achieve clarity and protection for investors. 



Create a debt SFT tailor-made for crypto market-makers, VCs, and projects seeking to bootstrap liquidity or fund operational expenses. 

Leveraging the expressiveness of ERC-3525, a debt SFT allows the borrower to customize financial terms in a no-code front end. At maturity, the borrower pays directly to the issued SFT, which will distribute the corresponding payments to the lenders’ SFTs in a secure and automated way.

Asset Packaging

Package various digital assets into a single SFT, which not only provides the look-through transparency for the underlying assets, but are also divisible for liquidity management. 

The immutability of data held in the blockchain and visualization of ERC-3525 will enhance what regulators desire to achieve – clarity and protection for investors.  


As blockchain games evolve, so do our needs to operate non-conventional game items. With ERC-3525, managing complex on-chain game items have never been easier. Before ERC-3525, you must deploy separate smart contracts for the minting and transferring of like-kind and unique identifiable gears (e.g. multiple copies of a lightsaber socketed with unique gems). With ERC-3525, you won’t have to.

Asset Tokenization

Tokenization diversifies investors’ asset universe and increases transparency like nothing else. ERC-3525 allows existing illiquid real-world assets such as real estate and renewable energy to become divisible and represented digitally.

A group of solar panels, for example, can be tokenized into ERC-3525 SFTs with ties to each panel’s serial number, output, surface area and location, providing investors with accurate data feeds through oracles so that the financial profiles of these solar panels can be monitored in real-time.


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ERC-3525 Semi-Fungible Token Standard is fully open-source. We take a hands-on approach to help projects create the most advanced blockchain digital assets, from engineering and smart contract security, to mechanism design and incubation.